An answer to a FB question about how life started

The question:
Any folks that understand the logic behind the concept of The Theory of Evolution (I mean the macro-evolutionary concept). Specifically, how is it that 'scientists' accept that anything can go from a state of less to more organization? Doesn't this defy basic laws of physics?

Me: Disorganization -> errors. Some errors turn out to be beneficial. The ones that don't die out via not procreating. The beneficial ones spread themselves. Also, it's not less organization -> more organization; it's one kind of organization to another. We're full of microorganisms that coexist with us because it's mutually beneficial. Life evolved to the way it is at the cost of a lot of dead ends.

Other guy: So goes the program of life. But how did the program get written; did it write itself?

Me: Who knows? Honestly, the records we can get our hands on and our minds around don't go back far enough. We can make amino acids, which are the building blocks of life, through chemical reactions that happen in conditions similar to what we think proto-earth was like. And given enough chances (which they did have), they could have formed DNA and the necessary equipment to build life based on that DNA. It's a long shot, definitely. But consider that there's a multiverse theory that there are infinite other universes where things are just a little bit different, and suddenly you've got enough metaphorical monkeys at enough typewriters to produce Shakespeare.

Bottom line, we just don't know. We've got theories. The theories have held up fairly well. Anyone who tells you we're sure of any of this is either lying or is uneducated. But that doesn't automatically make "God did it" a better explanation.