The things I hope we can all agree on

I'd like to get a baseline of the country.  The things that pretty much all of us agree on.

1. We want a well-educated society.
2. We want a peaceful society.
3. We want to give our children the best opportunities that we can.
4. We want to encourage innovation.
5. We want clean air and water.
6. We want safe food.
7. We want everyone to have their basic needs met (that is, clothing, food, shelter).
8. We want everyone to have access to quality health care.
9. We want to allow people to express their opinions freely.

What else?  What are other universal values that we could all agree on?

Why am I doing this?  From a FB thread:
This is a fine list but I challenge the idea that the citizens of this country universally agree with these things.

Take 5 - 8, start defining shah those things ACTUALLY look like in practice abs disagreements develop faster than you can blink
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Richard Smiley There's certainly a difference between wanting these things and wanting specific implementations of these things. We can argue about the implementations, but if we can agree that these are all things that we want, at least we've got a common goal and can set up measurements to see if we're reaching the goal.
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Tomi Giwa Yeah, but the implementation is where the real issues are. Otherwise we're all just agreeing on whether or not the sky is blue.
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Richard Smiley No, I think that if you got Republicans to say that they would honestly prefer that everyone had good, affordable healthcare but they were afraid that the government would do a bad job of it, then we could start a productive conversation. I think that at our best, we start from a place of agreement and negotiate to get to a desired outcome.

Politics has become this thing where we absolutely HAVE to fight about everything. It's supposed to be a way to get things done for the common good. Maybe we can make it that way again.
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Richard Smiley And please note that I used Republicans there but the same applies to Democrats who, say, don't take into account people's beliefs that an actual life starts when a baby is conceived and you're actually depriving a soul of its existence if it's aborted. If that's your honestly-held belief, then I respect it. I don't agree with it, but I can see where you're coming from and it's an honest disagreement.