This will just create more terrorists.

America, in general, and omitting September 11 (which was caused by majority Saudis, who curiously aren't banned from travel to the US), has not experienced very much terrorism.  It certainly has not experienced much radical Islamic terrorism.  I have a theory about why that's the case.

It's because, in general, we are a tolerant and open-minded society (or we used to be, or we pretended that we were so we didn't look ignorant).  Sure, countries like Iran called us "the great satan", but when Muslims actually came here, they found out that that simply wasn't true.  We wanted people to come and join us and integrate into our society.  Americans are some of the friendliest, most open-minded people on earth.  We cherish freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

The risk of dying in a terrorist attack is negligible.  You are 9 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist.

So why in the world would we start restricting travel to the US based on religion?

I think it's because Trump wants us to be attacked.  Follow the logic here: we start discriminating against Muslims.  They feel victimized and attacked, so some of them decide "we've got to do something about this" and start planning actual attacks (as marginalized groups will do).  Then, after they do attack, Trump and the government go into "emergency lockdown mode", where more civil liberties are curtailed, and dissent of any kind is seen as aiding the terrorists.

Remember what happened after 9/11.  Remember the Patriot Act, and how we passed a bunch of sweeping surveillance state measures in the chaos that ensued.  Bin Laden got exactly what he wanted, and what's happening now is the logical continuation of that.

Make no mistake: what Trump is doing is NOT designed to protect us.  It's designed to make us a target, to set us up for an attack, so he can claim new powers in order to "protect" us.