Trump shuts down federal agency social media: Why this is not OK

Trump bans EPA from social media:

National Parks Service banned (yet they rebel, go NPS!):

General communications freeze from federal agencies:

CDC cancels climate and health summit:

I understand this kind of behavior from a corporation.  A CEO comes in and discovers that there are people undermining his messaging, and he gags (or fires) them.  I'd argue that a CEO who does this is a shitty CEO and a good CEO would try to find common ground and get everyone on his team through rational discussion, but still, it's understandable behavior.

But the employees of the federal government are not Donald Trump's employees.  He is not their boss.  We, the people, are their boss.  And we have tasked them with doing such important things as keeping our air and water safe, preserving our national lands, and improving public health.  These are not (or should not be) partisan issues.

A robust democracy needs good information in order to function, and Trump is effectively cutting us off from information that we paid for through taxes.

Look, I get that some people don't believe in anthropogenic climate change.  I think they're wrong, but I don't think that the way to get them to change their minds is to shut them up.  It's to consistently provide compelling data.  And if Trump wants to start a division within the EPA dedicated to disproving climate change, well, fine too.  Let them air it out in public.  Let us see the research, the raw data.

But shutting down their ability to share their findings with the world?  That is a dictator-level move right there.  That is putting your hands over your ears and yelling NANANANANA I CAN'T HEAR YOU, except in this case it's putting your hands over the whole country's ears.  It's what an insecure child would do.

And in case you're wondering, that's exactly what insiders are saying about his administration right now.

Here's the impression that I'm getting at this point: Trump is dangerously insecure and vindictive.  Protests will inevitably lead to executive orders to crack down on the protests.  He will grow ever more isolated and paranoid, and he'll make Nixon-esque enemies lists.  He will use the NSA and CIA to threaten his enemies (by the way, the fact that we know that they have info on all of us is why Snowden is a hero and Obama should have pardoned him).  The more rational members of his staff will try to talk him down.  He will fire them and replace them with even more sycophantic people.  His persecution complex will worsen until he has a mental breakdown, and god knows what will happen then.

Am I wrong?  Man, I hope so.  But the public is so against him, and getting more against him, and his need to be liked is so strong, that we're just gonna keep feeding into this cycle.  By no means am I suggesting that people stop protesting or stage Trump love-ins to keep him from breaking.  But I'm just projecting current trends into the future here, and it's bleak as hell.

By the way, if you do work for a federal agency, and you want to tell the public what's going on, ProPublica has provided a guide to leaking.

On the lighter side of things, the Dutch have produced this wonderful video explaining their country's beauty and grandeur in a Trump-friendly way.