Failing your way into a presidency

OK, conspiracy theory time...

Read Michael Moore's pre-election commentary on Trump's motivations, and then read Howard Stern's comments today.

How plausible is this? It seems very plausible to me. He never wanted the job. He wanted to get some press so he would have leverage for his show. Then he slipped up and said some racist shit that got him exiled from NBC.

So, left with the choice between being seen as a "loser" (no show and no power) and continuing the campaign, he continued, without any real expectation of getting anywhere. He just said what the people clapped for. What really seemed to get them riled up was when he told them they were great and everyone else was awful.

So he ran with it. He still didn't want the job, but he also couldn't figure out a way to get out of the race without either losing or conceding that he never wanted the job in the first place.

At some point, he realized that this had gone so far that he had become a messiah-like figure to a large group of people, and his ego fucking loved it. He figured out who his supporters loved, and it turns out it was people like Steve Bannon. So, bam, hired. Get the pied piper of your supporters on your side. More adulation. More public love.

Then...shit. He's elected. He has to make decisions and these things have giant worldly consequences. Every little move is scrutinized, and it becomes harder to only hear the sycophants. The outside world gets in, and it turns out...people hate him.

Not all people, granted. But a significant number of people are saying horrible things about him, and it gets to him. He starts mentally deteriorating, becoming more and more erratic. This was supposed to be a stunt.

He failed into becoming president, because a significant number of Republicans actually bought the shit he was selling, and the Democrats ran a horribly flawed candidate, and the whole thing made America very angry, and an angry America doesn't think very rationally.

And maybe Russia had something on Comey that made him release that memo about reopening the Clinton investigation. But that's neither here nor there...what do you think about this narrative?

And can we, as citizens, provide him with what both he and us desperately want: a way out of this that saves face?


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