More Healthcare

At this point it seems like I'm seeing "which fantasyland would you like to live in?"

Liberal fantasyland where the government controls the hospitals with fantastic precision and everyone gets exactly the right surgeries and nobody pays for anything


Conservative fantasyland where the free market comes in and doctors act like car dealers and slash their prices and have "upside down tent events" but for surgeries


Well we've come to a really interesting point in healthcare-government relations now. We got a half-assed bill passed under Obama that actually made things better for a lot of people but was arguably unAmerican or unConstitutional because it mandated that people buy things from government-blessed vendors.

Liberals are saying it sucks because it just entrenched the current big corporate healthcare interests.

Conservatives are saying it sucks because people shouldn't be forced to buy things at all.

Both sides have a decent point, and single-payer seems like the obvious solution to both. Because it's not like we're saying "the free market should decide what military we're going to have"...if something is a government-defined benefit, then we're basically OK with our taxes going towards it.

But you've also got to concede the point that given the current political climate, even if we got single-payer, we'd be one Republican president away from sabotaging a working system just to prove that it doesn't work. And that's in the libertopia world where we actually get it right the first time.

If I were a Democrat with some kind of power, I would lead a massive charge to make the VA effective, so I could use it as an example of good government-run healthcare. Because honestly, if you want to say "the US government can run healthcare proficiently", you should be able to prove it on a smaller scale by doing that.