On Free Will

No such thing as free will, but society only functions correctly if we assume that most people do actually have free will.

Alternatively, and I somewhat subscribe to this theory: most of what we do is robotic. Something happens that we've seen before -> we react how we did that last time. But there is a low-bandwidth link to our "higher consciousness" that does have free will. Basically, our brain filters down its inputs to the very least that's needed to be transmitted to our actual non-corporeal selves. Our "souls", if you will. And the soul responds, which modifies the physical brain's wiring. However, none of this is fast enough to happen in real time.

It's kind of like dealing with the Mars rover (Curiosity). We have a low-bandwidth connection to it, so we send over programs that let it operate somewhat autonomously, and we periodically get back information that it's gathered, but it's all on a time delay.