On small differences that lead to big political shifts

I find it funny that the news was all about how dead the Republican party was pre-election, and it's about how dead the Democratic party is post-election, even though Dems actually got more votes for president.

And it's all because the system is unwittingly designed so that tiny differences get hugely amplified at the representative level.

The populace, I'm convinced, is disgusted with politics because most of us are pretty centrist. We have liberal tendencies and conservative tendencies, authoritarian tendencies and libertarian tendencies, but most of us can actually get along with each other. We're just egged on in our worst, most partisan instincts by predators who want to split us apart.

I think a third party that embraced libertarianism, anti-corporatism, and science could really clean up at this point. It's just that the system is rigged against any kind of a third party.