On the shitty 5%

Honestly, this is simply a bullshit analysis, made to rebut another bullshit analysis. Do some CEOs make too much money? Yeah, but not all of them. Do some "union bosses" make too much money? Again, yeah, but not all of them. It's the "5% of all people suck" rule: https://jakeseliger.com/2017/04/24/ninety-five-percent-of-people-are-fine-but-its-that-last-five-percent/

Problem is, that 5% of sucky people are pretty evenly distributed across ideologies. So you've got 95% sane people, split 47.5% each between, let's say, Ds and Rs. Alone, they could get along, but add in that extra assholish 5%, and all of a sudden both sides are defending indefensible positions.

It's kind of like if you go out to a bar with your friends, and they bring that asshole friend that loves to start fights. All of a sudden you're called up to fight for someone you don't even like but he's ostensibly "one of your team" so you feel like you have to.

If we could simply excise the shitty 5% and make them have their own shit party, we could get along.