On liberal "contempt for middle America"

Contempt breeds contempt. You hating me gives me an awful strong reason to hate you right back, even though hatred is toxic and corrosive to one's soul.

Think about baseball for a sec. If baseball were like politics, you would either be a Red Sox fan or a Yankees fan. You couldn't say "I don't really care about either team" or even "I don't like either team." Because you're constantly told that in order to be a good American you have to participate in elections where you vote for a team, and if you vote for a team other than the Yankees or the Red Sox you're "throwing your vote away".

But obviously this is stupid. Most of us don't care about the Yankees or the Red Sox, and it is not considered a moral imperative to do so. Not so with politics. Every single damn election, you have celebrities and well-respected people telling you how important it is to vote, and those very same people will tell you not to throw your vote away, forcing you, despite your best efforts, to pick a team.

I think this whole "you have to vote in order to be a good American" thing is BS, especially in concert with the "throwing your vote away" mentality. It means that we have to mentally "psych ourselves up" for one of two teams, both of which have displayed a contempt for the average American. It feeds on our worst tribal mentalities. It makes us hate each other.

You don't have to be a Yankees fan OR a Red Sox fan. It's okay not to care, or to not like either of them. The problem is, this isn't a sexy movement to sell. It doesn't play to our "get behind your team" instincts. But at this point in US history I think it's completely necessary, because what's the alternative?