On Ossoff and Handel

So, my thoughts on the 6th:

For however many millions of dollars was sunk on his campaign, Ossoff sure got some lousy ads produced. If you asked me to do word association on Karen Handel, I would have said "SUV and chairs". And I bet that's what most Georgians would have said, too.

But what the hell does that mean? I own an SUV. I sit in chairs. "But $15,000 on chairs!" Folks, $15k is chump change in politics. Don't even talk to me until you've gotten into 6 figure waste, and even that feels like a pittance.

For his part, I don't blame Ossoff (much), because these pathetic excuses for negative attack ads seem like they were all put out by "DCCC" (I think I got that right).

But here's my bigger question: obviously this was a referendum on Trump. Why did none of Ossoff's ads (or DCCC ads) come out and say "Handel won't prosecute Trump. Ossoff will."? I don't even recall Trump's name in any of the ads. And this is while Handel's ads had a field day linking Ossoff to Nancy Pelosi.

Now, in your opinion, who is a bigger villain, and a bigger threat to America? Trump or Pelosi?

I don't care what the polling says you "should" do. Democrats have tons of problems, but one of their biggest is that they listen to what you "should" do instead of doing what feels right (PS Bernie would have won).

In a way, I'm reminded of Apple vs. Everyone Else. Apple makes products that people don't want, at least initially. If you polled people pre-iPhone, most of them said that they would like a phone with a better keyboard, not a phone with no keyboard. And yet Apple made the iPhone, and now try to find someone with a phone with a keyboard; they pretty much don't exist.

Well, Democrats would have made a phone with a better keyboard. Because they listen to polling instead of believe in a message enough to spurn the polling and convince people of things. That's what the Bernie people were trying to tell you.

And if you want another example of when "doing what the experts say" doesn't work, well, look in the White House.

Ossoff should have tied Handel to Trump and made her defend him. He should have done it because it's honest, it's what we were all thinking anyway, and because nobody gives a shit about SUVs and chairs.

Rant over.