On Russian Collusion

Well, first, we only got things that Jr. actually released. Which practically guarantees that there's more that we don't know and presumably someone is collecting all that stuff right now.

Second, there are plenty of legal scholars who say that a crime was definitely committed.

Third, and probably most importantly: why the fuck are people sticking their own necks out for Trump? He's shown time and time again that he'll have other people tell lies for him and even after they do that he'll do something like revealing that they were lying (the whole "why I fired Comey" thing, the "our campaign never talked to the Russians" thing). At this point it's starting to look like Stockholm syndrome. You keep getting mistreated and you keep coming back because it's all you know.

Nobody gives a shit about Hillary. She lost. Yet Trumpers just can't get past the "SHE WAS A HORRIBLE PERSON" line of argument. Just because your opponent is immoral doesn't give you license to do anything you want, nor any kind of legal immunity.


How is telling the Russians that we want you to hack the opposing party "nothing"? I mean, Trump literally said that, and Trump Jr. literally asked for a meeting when the Russians said they could deliver. Is this one of those zen "nothing and everything are the same thing" kind of situations? Or do you really just pretend like something doesn't exist if it doesn't fit your narrative?


It's like if I said "hey, I know a guy who's really rich and is going out of town, wouldn't it be funny if someone robbed him? LOL" and then someone emailed me "yeah, that would be really hilarious! we're interested in helping! let's set up a meeting!" and I said "totes! i love it!" and then actually held that meeting.

Are you incapable of seeing how fucked up that is?

EVEN IF THEY DON'T ROB THE GUY, you don't have that meeting if it was a joke. If it was a joke, you say "c'mon man, I was only kidding".


That's because you're deliberately blurring your vision. "Russian collusion" (or at least an attempt at it) clearly happened. I want you to admit that. It's just odd because it's plain as day.

I feel like this is what happens:
1. Trump lies about something
2. Trumpers repeat the lie
3. The lie is thoroughly exposed
4. Trumpers continue to repeat the lie and are unwilling to look the truth in the eye, until
5. Team Trump comes out with the next revision ("we did not collude" becomes "collusion isn't a crime")
6. Trumpers breathe a sigh of relief because they can rejoin consensus reality for a while, at least until we go back to step 1.