On Religion

I used to be somewhat-militantly atheist. I guess that's what happens when a Jewish kid goes to a Catholic school: you end up with a deep skepticism of any and all religion.

I've softened a bit and now I think that there's a core of truth to every religion, obscured by possibly-well-meaning (but possibly not) trappings of holiness.

I guess my belief now is in some kind of all-powerful entity that we're all intrinsically connected to. Basically, I think that we are the sense organs of God. Our highest purpose in life is to have all the experiences. That's why new experiences generally make us happy.

IMHO God doesn't want to be worshipped; that's all nonsense meant to make people subservient to the self-proclaimed "keepers of the truth". In the sense that we are all part of God, God wants us all to be happy.