On internecine squabbling

For the first time that I can remember, it's become more than infighting.
The nature of the tension between left and right used to be balanced. The aim was the same; the trajectory was different. We agreed on what we wanted America to be: prosperity, domestic tranquility, and space. But we don't seem to want to be the same tribe anymore. We are fragmented. We don't want to be countrymen. We sort others into good people and bad people, not good people I agree with and good people I disagree with.
You disagreed on just how much bullshit you were willing to put up with to beat the Soviets. But you didn't disagree that the goal was still to beat the Soviets. That would be ridiculous.
I think that the mental torture people have put themselves through to make them think that Trump is in any way an honorable leader have also made them immune to logical argument. They've shifted positions so much that they don't even know where they stand, just that where other people stand is wrong and bad.
This is the Pepe meme, in a nutshell. I am absurd and I want to annoy you. I'm behaving horribly in order to get attention. I want you to hate me. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel right. It makes me feel better than you.
Cue the rebuttal, that liberals do it too. Guilty! Politics is now schadenfreude. And maybe it always has been. But I think we've reached a turning point. Before, we knew at some level that we were just "playing politics". Now it's bloodsport.