On school shootings and antidepressants

I feel like I should make a chart because most people don't understand how antidepressants work. When you're getting depressed, you go through phases. Roughly, in the first phase, you start noticing that things aren't making you happy, so you try extra-hard to do things that will make you happy (grasping for happiness). Then you realize that happiness just isn't coming, and your overall mood drops. Usually that drop is quick, and you may be rocking in your bed crying within a few days. Sometimes you'll get a few "last gasps of happiness" in before it all goes dark.

When you get on an antidepressant, your systems start to come back online. Sometimes, the "motivation" system can come back online before the "happiness" system. In those cases, you'll have an angry, motivated person looking to take revenge on those who caused him (let's be honest, it's all dudes) harm, real or imagined. Usually that anger comes out in the form of suicidality, but it can also be directed at others.

Not saying that this is what happened or that this is always how antidepressants work, just that this is my understanding of why antidepressants can cause suicidal or homicidal actions.


Disaffected youth, fucked-up culture, and a bad value system. That's the honest truth. We're bankrupt as a culture. What do we stand for? What do we value? We can't answer these questions without sounding hypocritical. We're wealthy and we're hollow.