On trans acceptance

There should be lines of demarcation between people who are against trans-normalization because they actually care about the well-being of people, and those who are against it because they hate people who are different. Because they are not the same at all, even if they both lead to the same conclusion (we shouldn't be encouraging people to question whether they're the right gender).
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Julie Pickholtz I agree. The problem that I see is that people who are so-called "trans-cautious" are automatically labelled as your latter definition, i.e., transphobic.
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Richard Smiley I think it has to do with nature vs. nurture. Most of our traits are actually "nurture"-based, but nurture is the side where we can find fault, so to absolve ourselves of responsibility we declare them to be "nature".

It's a weird argument. I rememb
er when "born this way" was the argument for accepting gay people, and I wondered...so if they weren't "born this way", it would be okay to discriminate against them? If being gay were a choice, we would be within our rights to hate gay people?

It's easy to argue that you can't discriminate against someone because of the way they were born. It's harder, but probably more worth it, to argue that you shouldn't discriminate against people who make different choices from you because diversity is good and what's right for you might not be right for others.