On Jordan Peterson

I saw him on Bill Maher over the weekend and it's amazing how the left refuses to actually engage with his arguments and instead just vilifies him. Like, he said that the rise of effective birth control made it so children were more precious and doted on (because we have fewer of them), and panelists took it as saying he's anti-birth-control.

That wasn't the point! He wasn't saying he was anti-anything, just noting the possible consequences of birth control! It's as if I said that stringent pollution controls make it pricier to manufacture products. I am making absolutely no judgement on whether those controls are good or bad, just stating a fact. And yet people get offended because they only want to hear facts that support their opinion.

That's not the way the world works. There are pros and cons for most things, and to be intellectually honest, you should weigh them all against each other. I'm pro-pollution controls because I'm okay with paying more for products yet getting a less toxic environment. But I'm honest about it; I don't pretend there aren't some drawbacks.

JP is a smart guy. He's somewhat been co-opted by a lot of less-than-smart people who believe that his takedown of PC culture means that he subscribes to their ideology, but I don't think he does.

He also makes good points about not vilifying "the other", because you want "the other" to eventually join your side. If we label Trump supporters all as racist bigots, what the hell are they gonna do when Trump gets impeached? Better to gently tell them "listen, you got duped, as did a lot of people, and we're not going to act like we're better than you".