Can God make a stone so heavy that he can't lift it?

Context (go to 7:41 in the video):

So at one point in this video, Donald Glover is walking down the red carpet.  He's being interviewed, like one of those E! pre-Oscar meet-n-greet cameos.  We don't know what the interviewer asked, as it is cut, but he answers with "would god make a stone that he himself could not pick up, that kind of's like, yeah, he could, but why would he do that?"

This gets to the idea of rules for a game.  If you see everything as a game, you'll see the rules.  For example, at work, you normally show deference to people above you.  You are expected to signal where you are in an organization by your behavior.  You're technically free to do whatever you want, but you risk losing the game at that point, and you've spent a long time on this game, so you play by the rules.

(That is, unless you're making a power play.  In that case, you're either playing by the rules of "how we move up here" or you're trying to subvert the rules entirely.  Subverting the rules is probably the most liberating thing to do, but it's also incredibly risky.)

Now, the theological question "can god make a stone so heavy that he can't lift it" is kind of like asking someone if they could, tomorrow, walk into a board meeting and make a giant scene.  Yeah, they could, but they've put a lot of work into getting where they are and it seems silly to throw it all away for no payoff.

Think of the universe as your career.  You may want to change it in certain ways, and you may be impatient for movement, but few of us want to burn bridges.  If god put certain rules in place and has stuck to them fastidiously since the universe started, why in the world would he change the rules for a hypothetical challenge like that?  Breaking the rules of the universe is a big deal.  He probably has to go get a bunch of forms signed to do it.

I mean, if I were god, and somebody asked me to make a stone so big I couldn't lift it, I would make it fall right on their head.  See how they like it.