On the Tower of Babel

So this is a concept I've been thinking about since I read "Lexicon" by Max Barry.

We're in a modern Tower of Babel moment. You know how there used to be 3 networks, and we all pretty much got our news from them, and we would all watch TV shows at the same time and discuss them around the water cooler every day?

Doesn't happen like that anymore. We can't talk to each other about TV shows because we don't know where everyone else is. We can't talk about the news because we all have different sources and consider other sources suspect.

Every great civilization, when it becomes too big for its britches, has a Tower of Babel moment when social harmony and discourse comes crashing down. I think we're at that point.

There never was an "ideal" time or place to live for everyone. There are tradeoffs in every direction. But I think that right now we're living through an age of disconnection through informational overload, and we're looking to technology and capitalism, which are the sources of the problem, for solutions.

We don't need to ditch all technology (probably). But we need to take a good hard look at what all of our "choices" are doing to us. Kind of like how the Amish meet to discuss whether new technologies should be allowed in their community. That is not something that the free market is good at deciding; they just care whether the new technology is addictive/profitable or not.