Trump the Truth-Teller

When at first you hear a bald-faced lie, you look around and see who will stand up and counter it.  If no one does, you may, for a while, feel like an outsider, like you're not in on a secret that everyone else is sharing.  And eventually, to become part of the "in-group", you'll just accept the lie.  You might not believe it, but that's not important; the important thing is that you act as if the lie is true.

That was the system that we lived under, pre-Trump.  Everything was all fucked up, but we all just agreed that it seems to be working okay.

I don't mean this as a criticism; it is just how societies form. Once you have a "big lie" that everyone agrees on, everyone has skin in the game. Capitalism, at least how we practice it, is a terrific "big lie". We all kinda know it's unsustainable and will collapse, but no one wants to be the one to cause the collapse because of the immense suffering that will occur.

The strange thing is that with Trump as president and the media as his sworn enemy, there's a significant, visible population (with a huge megaphone) that no longer buys into the "big lie". Before, we could pretend that there were people out there looking out for our best interests. Now we're more realistic: our "guardians" are actually trying to figure out ways to fleece us more efficiently. Does anyone really think that Ajit Pai has the people's best interests at heart?

It's as if all the trappings of ethics and humanity have fallen by the wayside, leaving naked the power-hungry goons that run everything. And maybe that's better. It's simpler, for sure; I always like it better when the lines of good and evil are clearly demarcated.

However, it leaves us in an uncomfortable situation. Do we want leaders who exemplify America, or leaders who exemplify the marketing material for America?

If it's the first, you couldn't have asked for a better representative than Donald Trump. A talker, a con-man, a "deal-maker", someone who thinks he's the best at everything...yeah, that's America all right. Maybe it's better that we got that without the traditional paint job of morals and caring that we usually get on our politicians.

The fact that evangelical Christians seem to like him is a ray of sunshine, too. We always kind of suspected that they didn't like all the things Jesus said about the meek inheriting the earth and turning the other cheek, but now that they came out for Trump, we don't even have to pretend like they listen to the words of their lord anymore. Now it's like a hypocritical pride parade.

So that's one thing I'm thankful for. All that fake wholesomeness is gone. It's not great that apparently being an asshole is now a positive character trait, but hooray for not hiding who you are anymore.